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Mrs. Deepti Bakshi, mother of Jesal speaks about her experience …….

Jesal  was admitted in this school in the year 2004-2005.
Jesal  is one of the twin children born  with Microcephaly & dandy walker syndrome, which in general term means, his head circumference is smaller as compared  to the normal parameter.  Dandy walker syndrome refers to a problem associated with body balancing.  Moreover I was told that his both (Cerebrum & cerebellum) are damaged, which means he is physically & mentally challenged child. He was also detected with low vision.

Prior to his admission to school he was attending an early intervention clinic, from where we were directed to ‘Swami Brahmanand Pratishthan Special School’.  Before Jesal  was admitted to this school,  I had enquired many other  famous schools of Mumbai & Thane but had receive the negative reply for the reason given to me that they had no schooling  facilities for severely retarded child like Jesal.  He still does not indicate toileting and many of his other needs, but this was the only institute that was willing to admit my child with all his disabilities. 

At the time of his admission Jesal had a very poor head, neck control, his fine & gross motor grip were not stable, his eye hand coordination was very poor.
This is his fifth year in school and he has shown great progress during this period.  He has achieved sitting posture, he is able to hold object for longer time and he picks up thing that are kept in front of him (within his reach).  He babbles a lot and his interaction has also increased to a great extent.

Jesal`s progress brings great joy & pleasure into our life.  This has become possible because of dedication, devotion & timely guidance of school staff & management.  Journey to success is still on.    
I"I would feel that the children were not able to understand what I was trying to teach them since there was no response from them.  Being disheartened, I wanted to discontinue my job.
One day while I was teaching, one of the student started coughing, I requested my assistant to give water to that child. After few days, while I was coughing, Swapnil, one of the students of my class wriggled out of his granny’s lap, pulled a water bottle. crawled back to me and with gestures, he asked me to drink water. I was touched by this and at that moment I felt that children do understand even though they may not show any response.
That incident made me relish that fruitful moment and I decided to continue my teaching profession and carry out the duty that God has set for me"
~ Rekha Teacher

"It is a great privilege for me to be a part of such an eminent organization. This would not have been possible without the guidance of our Senior members of the institution.

Being a special teacher, we must cement our bond with the students The bond actually means understanding the child from ‘Mind, Heart and Soul’. It is teaching him according to his ability, analysing his likes and dislikes and helping him understand his envirnoment with reference to his daily life activities.

Today I am proud to say that one of my students, Rohan Adhikari, runs a hotel and also knows to drive a car. The progress of my students and hearty appreciation from many motivates me to pursue my work" ~ Vibha Teacher.


















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